Meet ORION™ the world’s simplest, most compact family of dot pattern projectors.

Orion replaces refractive lens and diffractive element optical stacks with a single meta-optic, enabling 3D depth sensing to proliferate to all smartphones and beyond.

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Transforming optical sensing

Metalenz’s multifunctional optics enable entirely new forms of sensing to be achieved at mobile form factors and price point.

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Enabling the future of optics in the semiconductor foundry

Metalenz technology is produced at the wafer-scale using the same semiconductor foundries that make image sensors and illumination sources—disrupting the conventional supply chain.

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Reducing complexity with improved performance

A single thin meta-optic can outperform a stack of refractive lenses and provide significant system-level performance and cost advantages.

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Metalenz is commercializing a revolutionary flat optical technology and transforming optical sensing in consumer electronics and automotive markets. Built on a foundational innovation in meta-optics from Harvard University, Metalenz’s technology enables significant reduction in the complexity and size of optical modules while improving system performance.

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