Polarization selectable illuminators for near and far 3D depth sensing.

Dynamic Illumination for the Best of Both Worlds.

Gemini products offer simple, dynamic illumination to address more applications by toggling between optimized illumination patterns – something that is not possible with current refractive lenses and diffractive element optical stacks. 


Unlocking 3D Sensing

Metalenz’s patented Gemini dynamic illumination product line enhances compact and low-cost depth sensing systems, and is set to replace current 3D illumination configurations because of its advantages:

    • Two illumination patterns with a single metalens and VCSEL
    • Switch for best of both worlds
    • 2X smaller than discrete alternatives
dynamic switchable illumination with Metalenz Gemini metalens
Metalenz switchable illumination optics allow for two illumination patterns with a single optic and VCSEL.


Metalenz has also announced a recent collaboration with Trumpf to demonstrate switchable illumination modules with Metalenz’s multifunctional-optic and Trumpf’s polarization addressable VCSELs. 


See also Orion™ the world’s simplest, most compact family of dot pattern projectors.

Orion replaces refractive lens and diffractive element optical stacks with a single meta-optic, enabling 3D depth sensing to proliferate to all smartphones and beyond.