The Future Of Metasurface Optics — A Q&A With Metalenz CEO Robert Devlin

By: Abby Proch, Editor

July 1, 2022

The ask from customers is usually this: Make it smaller, faster, lighter, and cheaper.

It’s true of most industries, and it’s especially true with photonics and optics. As our explorations delve deeper into space and shrink so small as to fit in places the eye can hardly see, so the technologies must also evolve.

Recently, much ado has been made about metasurface lenses. They’re incredibly compact and are increasingly producing high-quality images. What’s more, they can be made alongside semiconductors on-site in the very same foundries.

That’s what Metalenz has hooked onto. They’ve established a partnership with STMicroelectronics to streamline their supply chain and, for the first time, bring metasurface optics into consumer products on a large scale .

I recently chatted with Metalenz CEO Robert Devlin, who cofounded the company alongside Harvard University Professor of Applied Physics Federico Capasso, about the company’s beginnings, how its business partnership evolved, the challenges of integrating into consumer products, and what he believes is the future of metasurface optics.