Shrinking a full-stokes polarization sensor by over 5000X to bring advanced sensing from the lab to consumer and mobile applications.

PolarEyes enables advanced optical sensing to improve privacy features, alert drivers to safety hazards on the road, and make at-home healthcare more accessible. 


Built on Foundational Polarization IP

The full-stack, system-level solution combines physics and optics, software and hardware to power everything from next-generation smartphones and consumer electronics, to new healthcare and automotive applications. This module places the power to transform the way we see and interact with the world into our pockets.


Diagram of conventional polarization camera size to target size PolarEyes 3D sensormodule

PolarEyes unveils information and unlocks features never-before-available at a mobile form factor and price point

Spoof-Proof Facial Authentication

Provides correct identification of users versus facial-spoofing masks and photos to safeguard consumer devices against fraudsters.

Anti-glare Vision

Works around glare, the reflective light which often overpowers vision and machine vision, enabling robots to better maneuver and automobiles the ability to monitor for distracted driving – a new safety measure required in all vehicles by 2025.

Material Classification

Identifies molecular makeup of objects, giving automakers the ability to alert drivers to road hazards like black ice, and doctors the potential to diagnose skin cancer from a smartphone.

Enhanced 3D Sensing

Provides more details to detect shapes and edges with increased contrast; improving virtual backgrounds’ quality and 3D object scanning resolution in AR/VR environments.

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